Since 2005, METU Clean Energy Team(Metu-CET) has been producing climate-friendlyalternative fuel vehicles while every member of the team develops themselves in the matter of engineeringand design innovatively. Metu-CET is also a union that seeks new ways to reduce the usage of fossil fuelthat causes environmental pollution by coming up innovative ideas which are benefited by automative sector.The members of Metu-CET always try to follow all the development carried out closely in automotiveindustry, subsidiary industry, aeronautics, and energy so that they can keep up with the latesttechnology to enhance themselves and their knowledge. Metu-CET is one of the pioneers of producingvehicles with hydrogen energy, electric energy and solar energy with the awareness of the worldwideimportance of sustainable energy. Further, the team has been operating with an intention of emphasizingthis awareness to the society.

With the data obtained from former vehicles and the desire to produce more innovative vehicles,the team tries to get more and more efficient vehicles on track every year. The electric vehiclenamed “AZURE” has been proved the claim of the team, that is the produce the most efficient vehicle,by using approximate 10 pence of electricity to complete 100 kilometers of distance. Metu-CET differsfrom other teams with the awareness of the significance of the global thinking about renewable energyand the ambition to make community, especially children, conscious about the alternative energy usegein future vehicles.